How does it work?

Behold 3D ™ has a custom-engineered process which is constantly evolving, giving you access to the newest 3D scanners – and even a few specially built ones – to turn anything in the real world into high-resolution digital art.


3D scanning is often explained in a way that is almost always over people’s head.

Simply put, scanning uses a device that collects location information about points in space.

In our case, that location also includes color values.

When combined those points in space resemble the item scanned.

It’s similar to this picture made of many colored dots


10LaGrandeJatteZOOMSTAGES (1)


The difference is that this painting only has dots that are on a space that is flat. 3D scanning collects dots that are in 3 dimensions!

If you would like to go more indepth we can explain 3D scanning like this:

A 3D model is a “non-physical” computerized representation of a real physical object. You cannot touch a digital 3D model. You can touch a physical object. A physical object can be almost anything; a person, coin, ring, side of a mountain, car, toy… you name it. We can take a physical objects that you send to us and we use 3D scanning equipment to capture and transform them into 3D digital models.

A 3D model is extremely adaptable. If you already have an object, and you want it in a digital form, that’s what we do.