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The significant contributions of our sponsors have helped us encourage more people than we can count. We simply could not do what we do without them.

Behold 3d ™ welcomes and appreciates your donations and will make every effort to pay it forward.

We welcome the opportunity for you to join us financially, or with your efforts, to continue raising the bar of what’s possible at the nexus of creativity and technology.

Most of our audience is based in Los Angeles and surrounding communities, but our footprint grows nationally. As a result, our artists are being recognized throughout the world. Our initiatives include design, sculpture, data visualization, creative hacks, music, interactive installations, fashion wearable technology, robotics, 3D scanning, and 3D printing.

There are several ways to support Behold 3D ™

Donate Now!

Adopt an Artist!

Consider adopting an artist. Behold 3d ™ is dedicated to incubating and supporting emerging artists, technologists, and designers who push the boundaries of hardware, software, and physical/digital media, emphasizing artistic expression and creativity.  In addition, we facilitate artists in residence and other corporate initiatives that combine art and technology. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out about other opportunities, including exclusive sponsoring options such as:

  • Creative Team Workshops
  • Behold 3D project collaboration
  • Original artworks on your premises
  • Talks to inspire your team

In-Kind Donations:

We could always make good use of projectors, laptops, devices, equipment, lights, cameras, LEDs, motors, servos, lasers, monitors.

Hands-on/ interactive experience:

Support an experience and provide a unique opportunity to visitors.

It could be an interactive exhibit. Or, it can be a community-based interactive art piece.  

  • Your logo/link on the exhibit or art piece
  • Your logo/link on the event website page

Behold 3D ™ at Your Event

Make your company event unique with an interactive installation custom-designed by a Behold 3D ™ artist. We can bring the Behold 3d ™ spirit of creativity and art to your events by running workshops, building interactive experiences, or collaborating on specific projects.

Contact us. We’re looking forward to having you become part of the Behold 3d ™ family.

If you need further information, have questions, or would like to become a corporate sponsor, please get in touch with us here